AMD and Intel compact stop selling processors to Russia – AMD and Intel add to the long list of technology companies that impose sanctions on Russia.

The two giant chip vendors of this compact stopped the sale of processors to Russia. The decision comes after the U.S. government imposed restrictions on exports to Russia, including semiconductor sales.

AMD officially said the company complied with U.S. President Joe Biden’s order and suspended sales to Russia.

In addition to Russia, the Ryzen series processor (CPU) maker will also temporarily halt business operations in russia’s allies that helped the invasion of Ukraine, Belarus.

“Based on sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. and other countries, AMD has now decided to suspend the sale and distribution of our products to Russia and Belarus,” AMD said in a statement.

Intel said the same thing and temporarily halted the supply of processors to both countries.

“Intel condemns russia’s invasion of Ukraine and we have suspended all shipments to customers in Russia and Belarus,” Intel said in an announcement.

It did not say when AMD and Intel would stop selling them in Russia. What is clear is that the move is likely to have a significant effect on the Russian economy.

However, these export restrictions are only intended for chips or processors for military purposes.

Impact of chip supply halt to Russia

According to Fortune data, about 70 percent of semiconductor products sold and exported to Russia alone come from China, while the remaining 30 percent comes from other countries such as the U.S., European countries, and so on.

Although only 30 percent, chip products from the U.S. itself are said to be more capable than chip products from China.

For large-scale governments, the chips themselves are useful for adopting new technologies and running many modern tools and machines, one of which is for military equipment and equipment.

That is, Russian military equipment, such as missile launchers, could be affected if the supply of chips from the U.S. to the country is hampered.

On the consumer side, the supply of chips to Russia will also hamper a number of products that are actually powered by chips, such as computers, laptops, to game consoles.

In other words, some of these products are likely to be rare and difficult to obtain in the Russian market.

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