Internet Network Test

KokoYo, – Who says internet network tests are difficult to do? As a user, you can also test your own network to find out the quality of the network used.

The Internet is very important in the digital age because all activities already rely on that technology. Therefore, if the internet network is not good or slow it can hamper one’s work.

If you’re experiencing slow networking, don’t worry. Because, you can check the internet network that you use easily.

You can rely on internet network measurement tools that are already available out there. So, the job becomes very easy and here are the services that can be used.

Internet Network Test

1. Ookla Speedtest For some people, the name Ookla Speedtest is familiar. Usually, Speedtest is often used to measure the quality of the internet network.

The real benefit in using comes from creating an account. With an account, you can change settings, such as selecting a server for testing, and make it permanent so it’s stored every time you visit.

You can look at the entire testing history to see how your internet connection changes over time, which is useful if you’re going through an upgrade or a version of the service and want to see those changes reflected in real life, not just on bills.

Speedtest is still useful without an account. Use the mobile app to test on your smartphone (iOS, Android); Speedtest also has native apps for Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, even Apple TV.

It determines your location and pairs you to a local Speedtest server. All you have to do is click the “Go” button. The entire process will take less than a minute to complete, and you’ll see it revealed in real time.

When you’re done, see your upload and download connection speeds measured in megabits per second (Mbps). You have the option to share information through social media by clicking the button at the top for social media.

There is also a chain icon for picking up links that you can post anywhere, as images or web links or even pinned to a page. Run the test multiple times by clicking the “Go” button repeatedly—you’ll see fluctuations in data speed from test to test, depending on network congestion at any given time. Speedtest is not the only internet connection gauge. There are others worth trying, and the more you test, the better your options are when you contact your ISP with a complaint about your rated speed.

Visit and you don’t even have to click a button. This starts the live download speed test. You can click to get more results, get latency and upload test results, and share data on Facebook or Twitter instantly.

However, with, you can’t choose the server you’re testing. There is also a FAST Speed Test app for iOS and Android, as quoted from PC Mag. PC Mag. Mag. Mag.Mag.

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