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Meta Spends $ 384 Billion to Protect Mark Zuckerberg et al – Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp allocates millions of dollars to keep company executives safe. The boss of the company referred to in this case is CEO and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg.

Recently, the company that used to be called Facebook, Inc.ini revealed that Meta spent 26.8 million US dollars or around Rp 384.5 billion (exchange rate Rp 14,300) in 2021 for the security of Zuckerberg and other executives.

The cost increased compared to 2020, which is about 6 percent, where last year’s budget was 25.3 million US dollars (Rp 363 billion).

According to the company, the increase in costs is due to private travel and rising security staff prices. In addition, pandemic conditions also require companies to increase costs to implement security protocols due to Covid-19.

For Zuckerberg himself, Meta cost $15.2 million ($218 billion). The fee was allocated to personal security at Zuck’s residence as well as security during his personal trip.

But the company also provides perks intended as other security costs for the number one person on the Meta. The allowance amounted to 10 million US dollars (RP 143.4 billion) for the safety of Zuck’s wife Priscilla and children.

In documents deposited with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Meta said that security costs for Zuck were necessary.

Because, as a person who has a role or high profile in the company, Zuck is considered vulnerable to threats.

“We are convinced that Zuckerberg’s role puts him in an important position, he is synonymous with Meta. And as a result, negative sentiments related to our company are directly related and often directed at Zuckerberg,” Meta said in the document.

Zuckerberg’s own security costs dominate meta’s budget for the security of company executives. However, Zuck only took a salary of 1 US dollar and abolished all bonus programs.

Greater than the security costs of Apple and Amazon CEOs

Summarized from the New York Post, Wednesday (04/20/2022), Zuckerberg’s security costs are recorded to be more expensive than the CEOs of other technology companies.

Amazon, for example, spent only about $1.6 million on the security of Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos in 2021.

Apple also spent just $630,630 on the security of its CEO Tim Cook. The cost of personal travel borne by the company is only 712,488 US dollars (Rp 10.2 billion).

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