What is metaverse and what can it do?

Chinarainbow.org Metaverse is an Augmented Reality (AR) technology that allows individuals to interact with other individuals virtually.

Metaverse is often interpreted as a real-world simulation of humans implemented in cyberspace or the internet.

Metaverse became more and more of a conversation when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed facebook’s name to Meta, which is taken from the word “Metaverse”. Zuckerberg said the metaverse itself is the embodiment of the internet.

In the metaverse, the user can create an avatar as he wishes. A 3D avatar is a replica or image of a user in the form of a 3D animation. This avatar can be used as a representation of users on the internet.

In the metaverse, users can do any activity in virtual form such as gathering or holding meetings, working, playing, holding various events, attending concerts, shopping online, to buy a digital property.

For example, users can shop online by trying out the desired clothes digitally in the metaverse, then order them and send them to a real-world home address.

Metaverse is also associated with crypto assets. Crypto assets that serve as a means of payment for buying and selling in metaverse. Until now, there are several crypto assets that have been connected to Metaverse such as Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND).

Metaverse also opens up digital property investment opportunities that allow users to buy virtual land in the metaverse. Although the future fate is still unpredictable, metaverse itself has attracted many investors.

To perform these activities in the metaverse, users need to use additional tools in the form of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses and heptic gloves.

Audio support may also be needed to support the “visiting” experience in the metaverse. VR glasses, haptic gloves, and audio can create realistic experiences like the real world, such as seeing sights, hearing sounds, feeling various touches, and other sensations.

The term metaverse first appeared in neal stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash.

The novel depicts humans who are represented by avatars and can interact with each other in 3D space.

Metaverse when will it materialize? 

To create a metaverse world is certainly impractical and easy. According to Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, it took 10 to 15 years to build it. Of course, in this case, it needs collaboration between companies.

However, so far metaverse experiments have begun to be conducted by Facebook for work and communication purposes. One of them is a VR-based office space called Horizon Workrooms.

This virtual-based office space provides a virtual meeting room that can be used as a face-to-face means online. The app is operated through Facebook’s OCulus Quest 2 VR headset.

How it works, participants who are in a virtual meeting room will be illustrated with a 3D avatar. Users are also able to make video calls that will later appear in a virtual presentation screen.

Horizon Workrooms also comes with a whiteboard that can be used to write meeting materials by relying on controllers from Oculus Quest 2.

In addition to Facebook, electronics giant Samsung also realized its virtual store named Samsung 837X.  To be able to visit Samsung’s virtual store at 837X users must be logged in on the Decentraland website.

Samsung 837X virtual store actually has its physical store located at 837 Washington Street 837, Meatpacking District, New York, United States.

In addition to these two companies, there are several other companies that are also interested in experimenting with the metaverse. Some of them are like Epic Games, a battle royale game development company, Fortnite.

Reporting from the BBC, Tuesday (15/2/2022) graphics processing chip (GPU) manufacturer Nvidia is reportedly building the “Omniverse”, a 3D real time platform and virtual world simulation. Even in December last year, Saudi Arabia presented the aswad chastise, a black stone located in the southeast of Kabar to the world of metaverse.

This has led to a debate among Muslims on social media about whether hajj can be performed virtually.

Even so, this can be used as a location introduction for the preparation of haji in order to have complete and adequate knowledge before performing haji.


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