What is the Metaverse and Its Future Development

Do you know what metaverse is and its future development? Metaverse technology became very much talked about by the world after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg some time ago changed facebook’s parent company into Meta Platforms Inc. (Meta). In fact, later it appeared that the simulation of hajj will be able to be done virtually in the Metaverse. The term Metaverse originally emerged from the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. ‘Meta’ means ‘beyond’, while ‘verse’ can be interpreted as universe. Definitively, metaverse is a second world concept based on virtual technology that enables the union of the physical and digital worlds in one container.

Metaverse is a development of the digital world that exists today. With the metaverse, the existence of the virtual universe will be aligned with the current reality universe through social networking technology.

In short, the Metaverse is a virtual space that can be created and explored with other users without having to physically meet in the same space. Second Life app creator Philip Rosedale described Metaverses as a three-dimensional internet populated by living people. Metaverse access points include computer-based technology, smartphones, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR), and virtual world technology. So how will the Metaverse develop in the future?

The Metaverse virtual space allows users to shop and build properties to enrich their virtual lives. The following is an example of everyday activities that can be done in the world of Metaverse in the future.

1. Communication and Entertainment Reported chinarainbow.org from Oculus website, a messenger in Virtual Reality will be launched. Messenger in VR allows a person to send a short message when they are or will do something. For example, to tell someone that it’s time to stop playing because dinner is ready. In addition, VR messenger will be connected to audio messenger calls. Users can make audio calls with their friends from any platform that supports. As a result, users can gather or Traveling together to a destination.

2. Playing Games Already many games have applied the concept of Metaverse. One of the games approaching Metaverse is Roblox. A platform that consists of thousands of individual games and connects users to a larger ecosystem with human social interaction within it.  There is also a sandbox game. The game offers players to get a virtual experience, gaming items based on NFT as well as blockchain and DeFi based. In a virtual ecosystem, players can build and design their own avatars, access different environments, or follow games in different Metaverses.  Digital goods that are made can be monetized through NFT and sold on sites such as Sandbox Marketplace.

3. Shopping transactions like in the physical world such as shopping for clothes, building a house, to buying game tokens can be done through in Metaverse. The transaction is done by opening the platform and will later be required to set up a crypto wallet that will accommodate all digital currencies. One popular wallet that is often used is MetaMask. The type of crypto that will be used is also adjusted to the platform used. Because, each Metaverse platform has its own crypto token that is used to make transactions.

4. Working Billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates estimates that in the next two to three years, most workers will have virtual meetings in the Metaverse. The virtual encounter will move from the 2D camera image grid (Model Hollywood Squares). “In the next two or three years, I expect most virtual encounters to shift from 2D cameras— the image grid—which I call the Hollywood Squares model—to the Metaverse, a 3D space with a digital avatar,” Gates said.

5. Sports In the world, E-sport is now increasingly popular. Even the University of Metaverse colleges will also be able to be done through Virtual Reality technology.

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